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Between capitals

On Monday 25th of July we had about 200 miles to go between Krakov and Warsaw – a small introduction to the real vacation and one of our numerous tours in Poland at the same time. That day it was decided to slightly prolong the trip to reach new objects on our map.

Ksionge Wielky castle is to be the first on our way. Built in 1595 by bishop Piotr Myshkowsky now the castle performs as a residence of the Agriculture College. It is located on the hill above the town and in spite of its renaissance features formerly was surrounded with bastion fortifications. To see it heading towards Warsaw from Krakow, you should turn right before St. Woycheh Church. The College seems to be trim. The curio is a restaurant that looks like a small castle lying on the main road nearby the Church. And it is a mock-up of the the real castle!

Now, there is a turn of Mokrsko town and that is not so easy, because there are no signposts. However, we finally drive across the narrow bridge over Needa river and reach our goal noticing castle walls sticked out above tree branches. On the gates there is “private area” sign, so we think it over for a second and decide just to entry. There is not any person to ask, so, yes we just use weak wooden plank to get through the fence 🙂 The castle built by Klemense and Piotr Yetleecheeks was totally destroyed in XIX century, but its remains make evident there was three-story dwelling house, gate tower, one more house and the whole complex was surrounded by protective walls. By accident we meet three storks and listen their clatter that is completely new for me (such ashame), despite I’m 33 years old.

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Driving between lanes we get to Sobkov. Here we see fortalicium – the knight yard from the end of XVI century. First of all, again few storks greet us, evidently, one of them learns how to fly jumping in its nest and waving wings. Outside there are plenty of attractions waiting for toutists: horses with colts, couple of peacocks, a restaurant where staff is worn early-medieval clothings. So-called history fusion! Behind built-ups there a few remarkable features that almost all tours in Poland usually put accent on: a rooster crying out loud, carriages, sledges and canoes attached to the river bank. In the middle there are ruins of classicistic palace that bring some Roman temples to my mind. You may walk aroun the area without any charges, as well as park your car in front of the castle. Everything is possible in restaurant’s working hours.

Pulling over Warsaw highway near Kielce city, we head to the east in order to turn to the north in Goorno and get straight to Bodzentyn. Here on a high scarp called Psarkee lie some walls of the castle built in XIV century by bishop Florian from Mokrsk. You still may notice remains of wonderful masonry works on the wall and gate fragments. We stay here for a lunch – thin smoked pork sausages, mustard, local loafs and kefir in my case.
Our last goal before Warsaw is Eelja castle in the third voivodeship for today, Masovian one. The castle was built in 1340 and got participated into upper and lower castle. Its most famous view is a cylindric tower. Entry costs only 1$ and it is open for visitors from 10:00 till 16:00. The view is beautiful in spite of extremely cloudy sky. Parking is also free and the tower is visible far from the castle, so, there is no problem to find it.

In here we finish our search of local entertainment. Museum of Ancient metallurgy and Museum of Kielecka Village that we passed stay in our bucket list. For sure, there will be time soon we get there. Such a lot things to see, then! 🙂

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