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Poland tour around the country.

“You are praising somebody’s else, but don’t know yours” — someone used to say. Sometimes it comes time to change it. In the summer a friend of mine hit on an idea to go to the seaside. If so, why didn’t we cover real Poland tour around the country. Thus, the idea of a short car trip was given a birth. In effect we covered about 1700 miles travelling through 13 voivodeships 🙂

I don’t really like autotrips. This time, however, the round-the-country race was reasonable by all means, because it was mattered to see as much Motherland as possible. Well, how would you do this better than just cover its miles?
For the trip we had only 9 days, so the deadline was tight and there were plenty of places to see. Soon we got the fact it was going to be tiresome, in addition there are no chance to see every single place we would like to. In spite of this we had an intention to visit typical places as well as not so simple, at least from the point of tourism.


Day 1
(left resort in Cozubneek, wooden Radio Tower in Gleiwitz, Nyskie Lake)

The very beginning of the trip is a departure from Nowy Sonch town towards Kozubneek located in the Upper Silesia. Filled with enthusiasm, on Saturday, we go to visit left resort. It’s not a typical touristic attraction, quite a reverse.

Poland tour, Poland tours

After this kind of intro we move to the antique coal mine Guido in Zabrzhe.
A spectacular hailstorm hunts us down, then. So, worrying about windshield we look for shelter. We do like lots of drivers and hide the car under overpass. After nearly an hour the storm passes, and we have nice weather in the evening.

Unfortunately, a mistake in calculations causes we arrives an hour after last descent underground, so we can’t visit the mine today. But XXI century gives us new opportunities, so with the help of the Internet and apps we make a quick stocktaking of attractions. This way we go to Gleiwitz to see the highest wooden construction in the world that turns to be radiostation connected with Gleiwitz incident. It makes an impression. Considering it is made of wood it’s extremely high.

In the evening we finally reach Nyskie Lake, and campsite nearby its bank is going to be our first and the worst overnight stay. As you probably suspected the whole campsite looks like one big party consisted of few cars – the music is playing out loud all the night. Only at the dawn it calms down and now, we may sleep tighter at last.


Day 2
(Gold mine, cable car and Walim galleries)

Despite the difficult night we get up not exhausted and move further after campsite breakfast and coffee. From the vicinity of Nysa we have a short drive to Złoty (Golden) Stok, where the mine is located. Though it is quite pleasant place we are bored a bit, because this attraction is more likely to be aimed on families with children. Mine’s feature is a set of warning signs from the PPR epoch.

Directly next to the mine there is Scalisko cable car park, that is famous by its the highest and longest downhill line in the Europe, except of just posessing paths that ordinary for such kind of parks. This place ensure the great but in case of downhill lines a bit short fun.

We move to Jugovice in the Owl Mountains, the place where during WW II were built secret Hitler’s vaults. We visit galleries called “Riese”, that means giant. Guide tells in an engaging way, but he talks faster than an anchorman. Despite this it is very interesting, so, we are able to feel climate of seret military underground. We go through galleries on foot and go by boat, then.
At the end we drive through the West Poland to the North saying goodbye to mountains for some time. Then, we are in Lubuskie voivodeship, the fifth in a row we are going through on our way. The night overstay is just another camping that I strongly recommend for any Poland tours. Fortunately, this one near Slavskie Lake turns out to be much more queit.