Poland tour around the country. (part 3)

Day 6
(Vilchy Shanietz, Biebrzha)

Today is the 6th day of our tour of Poland we cover quite a long way. Firstly, we go to Kentsheen in order to see Vilchy Shanietz that turns to be tours of poland, tours to poland, trip polandGerman bunkers where the unsuccessful trial to kill Hitler took place. There are a lot of Germans here, I guess even more than Poles. Bunkers have got warning signs because they are about to collapse but we come into anyway. It’s an interesting place, so I regret we didn’t pay the guide but this decision was democratic.
After we leave Vilchy Shanietz navigation shocks us by guiding us right through forest paths. Somehow we obey it and almost lose the route. We see more bunkers than in “the official part” and also meet a climatic swamp.

We move towards Biebrzha, then undergo our weakness again and rent a flat. Tents in the trunk are bone-dry, nothing is going to happen with them 🙂

Day 7
(Biebrzhan’ski National Park)

Since recently the road lasts a bit slower. On the east of Poland we looked out for less places that we would absolutely like to visit.
We stroll around Biebrzhan’ski National Park in the vicinity of Ostroviets-Tvierdza town. There are a lot of mosquitos, horseflies and dragonflies, but somehow we manage with this 🙂 The park is very picturesque, there are plenty of birds, snails and other creatures we didn’t see before. There are also some postsoviet bunkers.

Day 8
(Bialovieyskee National Park)train in poland, how to travel in poland

Without a shadow of haste we move further towards Bialovierhza. We try to get to an excursion to the narrow-gauge railway we didn’t have time for earlier in Vielkopolskie voivodeship. Unfortunately not booked is not visited so we go further.

In Bialovieyskee National Park we watch bisons and other forest mammals. We thought bisons are bigger. We go to the last overnight stay to Masovian voivdeship. This time it’s free and under tent’s roof. During the road in Loshitse we come across the surprise event connected with celebration of 150th Annual of January Uprising.

Day 9
(a bit sad return home)

Our whole plan postponed for a day, so it made us known of the fact we won’t get to Bieshchady. But we still had an ambitious plan for visiting Lublin and maybe Zamosh’ch’. Unfortunately we felt extremely exhausted, particularly me as the driver. In the last resort we decide to use the last day to come home leisurely and cross last two voivodeships – Lubelskie and Sh’vientoksheeskie.

road in poland, trip around polandThe way back home is sad. During last few days we watched different landscapes and slept at completely different places and conditions every night. And here we have to return to the grey reality again. At the moment I don’t know yet that I will oversleep the whole trip for 2 days after the return 🙂

It’s worth to visit Poland, it is our Motherland after all. Now it appears to be somewhat smaller and better-known. In spite of relatively small area every part of it differs a bit. We have got forests, mountains, swamps, rushes, sea, fields and lanes. Personally I should live on the south because I don’t fall on flat horizon. Nonetheless it would be nice to see how the rest of places to see in Poland look like.

There is the big difference between west and east parts of the country. The last one is frequently discussed in context of economy and life quality. There are also some differences from tourist’s point of view.
On the West we didn’t know what to choose . There were a lot of worth-seeing places and just a little time. It was in Silesia, Vielkopolska and Pomorskie voivodeships.
Somewhat different it looks like on the East. Nature virtues dominate there, but there is only a few places to visit.It is easier to fill your time visiting the west.
If I was to go such kind of trip again and if I had a possibility, I would lenghten it. It’s not worthy to make a competition out of it if there are a lot of places to visit. Much less the tempo was tiresome during our Poland tour. However, in some way or another we positively don’t regret this outing.