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Poland tour around the country. (part 2)

Day 3
(“Mr Clecs’s Academy”, left jail in Mrovin, Poznan)

We adjusted car navigation the way it doen’t lead us through highways, so we could look at Poland but not roads. We do satisfied with this choice excluding couple of forest side roads-surprises. All the time we have something to glance at. On the way to the next unusual attraction that is left penitentiary, we come across an orphanage and give it a name – “Mr Clecs’s Academy”. Sometimes we “meet” small castles, monument or just interesting neighborhood.
Visiting of the left prison takes us most of time. Then we make purchases for everyday grill and go to the campsite in Kosovo nearby the airport where Polish F-16 and MIG are located, so their sounds were heard by us. The weather worsens, we’ve got light rain. Fortunately, tent are under trees’ crowns so it doesn’t leak through covers. It’s even possible to make grill, the mood holds up anyway, but we still missing the sun.
(UFO in Vylatovo, Biscupeen, left town in Clomin, Borne Sulinovo) tours to Pland 2017, poland tours, traveling to Poland

We move towards Biscupeen in order to see an Old Polish settlement, going through Vylatovo where supposedly UFO made left some rounds at cereal fields. We don’t find it, so we’re a bit disappointed 🙂
Biscupeen is nice and we watch interesting short intro film, while half of the rest of viewers having a regeneration nap. We visit museum and skansen, then. It’s a kind of Polish character’s lullaby, that is definetely worth-visiting.

After Biscupeen we move towards the left secret soviet town Grudek located next to Borne Sulinovo. It is very interesting and specific place where we spend quite a lot time. In the evening we reach Borny Sulinov where some similar places are already waiting for us. It’s stormy here, that’s why we exchange tent for a house. What a comfort!

Day 4
(Borne Sulinovo, Leba)

Being in Borne Sulinovo we continue our visiting of left places, among other things postsoviet Officer’s House or the left cinema. We go further to Leba and arrive there in the evening. It’s windy and not too sunny, so we give up an idea to use tents and get into the flat again, And watch the sea at night 🙂

Day 5
(Leba, Slowin’ski National park, sunbathing, Sopot, Malborc)

Leba is a typical seaside town full of tack and fried fish stands. We go towards stands but pass tack shops. After this we carry on going to Slowin’ski National park to see shifting dunes. Those make an impression on us the way we feel like we are in a kind of desert, if there wasn’t a sea nearby. Walking takes more time and we cover a dozen or so miles at park, dunes and beach, then, in total. We look for amber. Although it is nice to wet legs in at the sea finally a bit of sun shows up.

We move to Sopot inmalbork-castle order to see famous pier. It doesn’t make an impression, however, we have a good and cheap meal right next to it. We move to Sopot in order to see famous pier. It doesn’t make an impression, however, we have a good and cheap meal right next to it. Entrance to the pier costs us 7 zl that is a shocking price for having a walk on planks. But let’s say we were there.


We don’t go to Gdansk, cause it became late and we want to watch castle in Malborc until it will be closed. We reach the point, sightsee and admire 🙂