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On Monday 25th of July we had about 200 miles to go between Krakov and Warsaw – a small introduction to the real vacation and one of our numerous tours in Poland at the same time. That day it was decided to slightly prolong the trip to reach new objects on our map.

Ksionge Wielky castle  is to be the first on our way. Built in 1595 by bishop Piotr Myshkowsky now the castle performs as a residence of the Agriculture College. It is located on the hill above the town and in… (read more)

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“You are praising somebody’s else, but don’t know yours” — someone used to say. Sometimes it comes time to change it. In the summer a friend of mine hit on an idea to go to the seaside. If so, why didn’t we cover real Poland tour around the country. Thus, the idea of a short car trip was given a birth. In effect we covered about 1700 miles travelling through 13 voivodeships.
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 tours-to-poland-2017-poland-torus Poland tour around the country. (part 2)

Day 3
(“Mr Clecs’s Academy”, left jail in Mrovin, Poznan)

We adjusted car navigation the way it doen’t lead us through highways, so we could look at Poland but not roads. We do satisfied with this choice excluding couple of forest side roads-surprises. All the time we have something to glance at. On the way to the next unusual attraction that is left penitentiary, we come across an orphanage and give it a name – “Mr Clecs’s Academy”. Sometimes we “meet” small castles, monument or just interesting neighborhood.
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  tours of poland, tours to poland, trip poland Poland tour around the country. (part 3)

Day 6
(Vilchy Shanietz, Biebrzha)

Today is the 6th day of our tour of Poland we cover quite a long way. Firstly, we go to Kentsheen in order to see Vilchy Shanietz that turns to be German bunkers where the unsuccessful trial to kill Hitler took place. There are a lot of Germans here, I guess even more than Poles. Bunkers have got warning signs because they are about to collapse but we come into anyway. It’s an interesting place, so I regret we didn’t pay the guide but this decision was democratic.
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